Impact On Children

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Children of incarcerated mothers are guilty only of love. The problems that develop during parental incarceration create a breeding ground for emotional and social disorders that have a lifelong NEGATIVE impact on the children's lives.

A prison sentence for a mother is, by extension, punishment for her children. While she is incarcerated her children lose much of the stability in their lives when they are shuffled from caregiver to caregiver or foster care, separated from other siblings and/or have no means of visiting their incarcerated parent.

Unfortunately, these young victims tend to fall below the radar screen of society and are left at risk of:

  School failure / dropout.
  Delinquency and substance use / abuse.
  Possibly future incarceration.

In response to the negative impacts Motherly Intercession is committed to providing the children of incarcerated parents with a solid system of support that is tailored to meet the children's needs.